About Me

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Hi! I’m Shay, referred to as shaysub or wannabecoffeenerd on the socials.

I’m a computational physicist and software engineer by trade and I have a background in fluid and solid mechanics research. My PhD research focused on fundamental turbulent flows and high energy solid mechanics. My more recent research has been focused on algorithms, numerical methods, AI for physical systems and climate science. I like thinking about problems from a fundamental perspective and trying to build mathematical and computational models of systems.

I was always into coffee but seriously got into specialty coffee after finishing grad school in 2019. I found the theory of coffee extraction very interesting and found that I could draw from my education when thinking about these problems. I am starting this blog so I can document some of my thoughts and hopefully spur on interesting discussions and collaborations.

I hope you find some of the posts here interesting and please comment here or reach out to me with suggestions or thoughts.